Often, some people don’t give much attention to volunteer work and they think it is a waste of time. However, one should ultimately aim to continuously volunteer because it is of crucial importance and contribution to the world.  Volunteer work is simple; it’s when one voluntarily offers to give others without expecting anything in return.  The question then arises, why is doing volunteer work important? Certainly, volunteer work brings happiness to others in need and provides a humanitarian purpose to life.


It is acknowledged that volunteer work brings joys to some people. In every country, there are the rich and the poor. Such poor people do not own a proper house and a car for transportation. In addition, they become in financial debt and are suffering from increasing inflation. As a result, they are sent to orphanages, where they receive support.  When a person does volunteer work by bringing gifts, clothing, or food, the poor will feel loved, accompanied, and unforgotten by the society. Hence, they are happy and satisfied. In light of this argument, they is another reason to why is it important.

According to other people, volunteer work provides a humanitarian purpose. No doubt, the world is a wild and busy place where people often get caught in other matters. Thus, they forget about volunteering and helping others, and then their sense of care gets drowned in the field of emotions. Overtime, when such people see others suffering due to their lack of volunteering, they will feel guilty because they have left others in agony. Therefore, they will feel useless in life. However, when a person does volunteer work, they will become more humane because they know that they are helping others and putting a smile on their faces. As a result, they will have a spark of accomplishment and a sense of achievement because they have done something significant towards the human foundation.

It isn’t that hard to give. A little more every day, you’ll get the hang of it!

By Arwa Ahmed