The Cycling World Championships is a set of different world championship events in track cycling. The Union Cyclist Internationale regulates them, which is the reason they are sometimes called the UCI Track Cycling World Championships, but before the 1900s, they were regulated by the ICA – International Cycling Association. The championships first took place in 1893 in Chicago. The winner of the championships receives a gold medal.

The reason I chose to write about this specific event is that it is coming up very soon. The event will go from March 2 to March 6. France got first place in the 2015 championships. The 2016 championships will take place in London in the Lee Valley Velopark. The world’s best cyclists will meet to compete over the Gold Medal and a white jersey with colored bands that they get to wear the next year. They are known as “the rainbow jerseys.” The championship is held for men, women, and disabled competitors, and it happens at many different places. The races take place on roads, on a velodrome, cross-country, downhill, and indoors. A velodrome is a cycle-racing track, usually having steeply banked curves. There are 20 days left for the Championship, so get ready to see the cyclists compete! ☺


By Fareeda Eraky