Love…what is it?



As most of you may know, we are in the month of “Love”. February..however, many of you do not completely understand what love really is.  We are all in love with the idea or concept of love, but we are blinded from its true hidden meaning.  According to the dictionary, love is the deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction or having a great affection or liking for a certain subject, matter, object, or person. As I spoke to a friend of mine, she told me that love is when someone truly cares and wants nothing from you but you as a whole.  It’s the effort we put into each other and the words we choose to say about a certain person behind their back describing how amazing that person truly is to us. I asked another friend of mine, and he said that love is when a person is mentally, spiritually, and sexually attached to someone.  He stated that love is one of the main reasons we are still here, breathing. It’s something special we all deal with or dealt with in our daily lives.  In a straightforward answer, he said that whichever way it is either loving a sibling, partner, pet, job, or even your country, where there is no love there is no life as the quote stated.  Although, I agree with both of their interpretations, i have a rather different definition of love.  In my eyes, love is the relationship between two individuals who are not afraid of expressing who they truly are within.  They encourage each other, care for each other even when one takes endless risks constantly putting their lives in danger. Love is like a rush of fresh air. They love each other endlessly and unconditionally accepting each other’s flaws.  They are not considered to be each other’s half, there they are complete imperfect wholes of perfection and true beauty.  only they are even better together than just individuals.  In their eyes, they embrace each other’s imperfect perfections.  They’d go out of their way in order to keep the other in their life.  Thus, love is never  Love is for everyone…all ages, genders, religions, nations, and individuals.  As love is everything beautiful, it is everything that is not.  Love is like an infectious disease that can spread faster than the plague.  Love can be mutual, yet it can also be declined. For instance, you love someone, but they do not love you back.  Love hurts.  It causes you pain.  On the other hand, love is everything worthwhile. It is simply breathtaking..quite indescribable actually.  It takes you to another dimension, influences you to try new things, and lets you be the best version of yourself. Well, that’s only if you’re loving someone right. As much as love can help you figure everything out, it can also sometimes become confusing to us.  And, that’s okay.  We are human beings, and it’s normal to have confusion here and there.  The word “love” is often used in a wrong way or even used too early in a relationship.  People tell you “I love you,” but do they really mean it? Just think about it.  You met this person a week ago, and they already believe that you belong in their heart. Quite ironic, is it not?  On the other hand, we have the word “soul mates,” meaning that a certain two individuals in this entire world are meant for each other.  Have you ever wondered if there is actually one special person out there just for you?  For those of you who believe in this word “soul mates,”  continue believing in it. I won’t judge you, however you shoulD not completely rely on it. Live your life normally and to the fullest, and the love of your life will come someday.  Love is complicated, or are we the ones who complicate love in our lives?  Love is almost like a guide.  It opens up your eyes and makes you see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.  It gives you hope.  Love helps…as the saying said, where there is no love, there is no life.  What is your interpretation of love?

By Razan Mostafa