The world we live in, “Earth”, can probably be described and explained through many various, crazy and scary ways. Our world contains of more than seven billion people, divided into seven continents (well six, excluding Antarctica), 196 countries, and separated by five oceans and seven seas. Different races, religions, beliefs, cultures and essentially, different people all fall into this world of ours. Nature, art, music, science, theatre, technology, and more are also all large aspects of everyone’s daily lives in this world we live in, but what good do we get from them? What appreciation do we show for these elements of life? We get so many blessings and grace but do we actually account them? Look at life from a perspective and you’ll see a greater picture; a greater picture that includes the love, the opportunities, the life, the excitement that this world can offer us humans. Wake up everyday and examine the sunrise, see the natural beauty that nature gives us. Grab a pencil and doodle on anything, create the art that God lets us do. Play an instrument, drum on whatever and explore the music that we can create. Study the world and cure diseases and learn the reasons and solutions that science hands down to us. Invent new items and innovate and advance the world we live in with technology. Take a step back and look at the brighter and greater picture; take a step back and look at life, look at what we can do with it. This world we live in, although sometimes scary, really is a beautiful creation. This world we live in, contains powerful human beings, capable of doing the impossible and how? 7 billion people, connected, through different shores but same seas.


By: Farida Hamza