momYou’re my mother
A goddess of beauty
The base of my life
You’re everything
My mother, My queen, my angel from up above
You’re an imperfect human being
A rightful, divine woman
You’ve got the incredible mind of a girl
The elite attitude of a woman
And the high class of a lady
You’re beautiful the way you are
Even though you sin like every other human being
You are still my angel
Sure, you have your insecurities

And you make your mistakes

But that’s what makes you perfect
The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was you smile so much and keep on doing so

You have strength like no other

You have love like no powerful
You twinkle like a star in the deep dark sky
You have an intelligent mind that shines so bright out of all of us
Even though you worry too much all the time,
You are still a great warrior
I misunderstand you sometimes, but forgive me
I’m not as good as you
I love you, Mommy
You are my Queen

I’m your princess

This is your kingdom…

And I’m a guest living under your throne.

by Razan Mostafa