As we look around ourselves, what do we see? Our friends chatting, laughing, getting caught up with the latest Hollywood trends, deciding which pictures to post on Instagram, and so on so forth. It has come to my attention, for a while now actually, how society nowadays has this deceptive façade that seems to be brainwashing the current youths minds. If you think about it, when was the last time you did something extraordinary WITHOUT posting part of it on your Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook? When was the last time you truly did something just for yourself to enjoy? The answer probably lies deep in the back of your head; years ago, when all this technology hadn’t been brought and introduced to our lives. The hitch with technology is that it comes with some disturbing and honestly quite nauseating consequences. It’s now socially acceptable to feel the need to prove yourself, whether that’s through social media or just merely measuring by “popularity” or other social ranks.society

Recently I’ve discovered the reality of many people of our age group and their mindsets. I finally understood, the core and realm of life lies within ones own understanding of their own actions, reactions, and intentions. Life is like a ship in the middle of the ocean, independent and stays afloat, until it sinks when water is allowed in. Like a ship, you’re in control of your own life, by guiding it in the right path until you allow what is surrounding you in. This pseudo society we exist in well portrays the shallow conviction of what each human has the capability to do. The main idea is to understand your self, your doings, and your choices. Do things for yourself without getting sucked into the hoax of society; social media.

By: Farida Hamza