Which one are you: oldest, youngest or in the middle? Some people say that being the oldest is worst. Others say being the youngest is worst. I personally thought being the middle child was worst, but now I see that they all have their own flaws.

Being the oldest child is a pain. Your parents get to make all the mistakes on you. You are expected to be the responsible one. The one who shows your siblings what to do, the one who takes care of them and the one who has to deal with them. You have to stay home and take care of your siblings when your friends are out at the movies.

Being the middle child is like being the ham in between two annoying breads. You are stuck in between your siblings. They keep taking each others’ sides and you are left alone. They play tricks on you and make fun of you together. You feel lonely and like no one wants you around.

Being the youngest child could be both a benefit and a flaw. A benefit in the sense that you mostly get what you want and a flaw in the sense that no one listens to you. You speak and speak, but no one listens. They may hear, but they don’t listen. You have ideas, but you’re constantly told that you’re too young. Your advises are never taken seriously. You are constantly told that you are annoying or adorable.

It doesn’t matter which one you are, they all have flaws. But that’s only if you choose to see the flawed side of it because there are many positive sides to all of these things. By being the oldest and having experienced all the things in life; you will be able to help your younger siblings through life. By being the middle child, you are able to understand both your older and younger siblings. By being the youngest, you are treated with extra love. There is a negative and a positive side to everything. Choose to see the positive and see how your life changes.

UntitledBy: Fisson Tibbo