Through life, various means of escape, peace, and happiness can be found in many different things. One of the most effective, most efficient and most imaginative means of escape personally would be through art. Whether it’s physical art, melodious art, theater art, literature art, music, paintings, poems, television, art has the essence of being the savior for so many people amongst our world.

Everyone copes with things differently, and it’s justifiable with how everyone chooses to live. Art, though, has the means of allowing a person to feel at home, to feel internal peace, and to feel satisfied with something. Art gives you the power, being as you’re the one in control, along with meaning and importance. In return, art receives passion, beauty, and admiration. If you think about it, what is one thing that allows your mind to freely explore and create something pure and genuine to the soul? Art. Art allows us to explore our own thoughts, feelings, opinions, and souls, thusly, creating beauty within the world.
Art demonstrates emotions, memories, thoughts, opinions, and even moods. Take Andy Warhol for instance; he expresses his thoughts and moods through repetition of items such as the soup can, or even Marilyn Monroe. Take Banksy; he expresses his opinions and his mindset through his graffiti. Take Beethoven, who expresses his emotions through the flow of a piano. Art is a sentimental value, worth much more than words can be placed. It frees your soul, your mind, and your heart. It expands your imagination through realms within your own head you’ve probably never dreamed of. It encourages passion, meaning, and emotion. Art is a friend, a companion, and a confidant. When all else fails, art becomes the one you escape to. Whether is by doodling, listening to music, composing music, full on painting, writing diaries, poetry, stories or essentially anything, art is the savior.


By: Farida Hamza