I love animals. They are the absolute CUTEST little things ever (and I am in no way being biased). If anyone out there reading this actually owns a pet, you know what I’m talking about! Once you own a pet, your life just suddenly gets better – every animal you will ever see just becomes…cuter, somehow. So, how do you feel when you see these poor little cuties starving and dying on the street? I, for one, feel pretty bad! Although there is a lot we can do for these strays, most of us won’t take action! Every single pet in the world can’t be adopted, but you can help! Have you ever thought of getting a pet? Don’t buy them; adopt them from shelters! Here’s why you should consider adopting rather than buying:


You Change a Life

Shelter animals are usually saved from the streets. They go to shelters and get fixed up, but don’t get a new, better life until they’re adopted. Wouldn’t you like to help in doing that? How grateful would a pet be if you took it home with you? There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you improved a life – no matter how small.


It’s Free

Adopting a pet means you don’t pay for getting it. Sometimes, all the healthcare issues are taken care of for free, too! If not, all you have to do is take them to a vet, but imagine having to pay for that plus the cost of the pet! I’ve heard of some dogs going for a few thousand pounds!


You Save a Life

Due to street animal overpopulation, most shelters can’t keep up. Some of them euthanize their old pets to clear up space for the new strays. EUTHANIZE THEM! How can we let that happen when all we have to do is adopt? Gain a friend, save a life.


Snuggle Benefits

While this one mainly applies to dogs and cats, it’s still one heck of a reason to adopt! Winters here are getting colder – so why not have a pet as a natural source of heat? And if you adopt a cat, they purr – so they are a vibrating source of heat. Nothing feels better than snuggling up with a pet when it’s cold out.


You’re Not Supporting Puppy and Kitten Mills

If you aren’t familiar with what they are, allow me to explain. Mills for young animals are probably the cruelest things to ever exist. The Mothers are locked up in cages, forcefully impregnated, and give birth to litter after litter of baby pets. They never get to know a gentle touch or human companionship. Sometimes, this is where the pets you buy come from. Adopt, and you’re one step closer to putting these mills out of business.


Purebreds Can Be Found in Shelters

I couldn’t believe this one until I did more research, but it’s true! If you were to want a purebred dog or cat, studies show that roughly 25% of shelter animals are, in fact, pure breeds!


They’re Better Behaved

Some of the animals you find could be abandoned, which also, most likely means that they’re housebroken. Regardless, the older the pet you get, the more likely it is to have already been through the most basic training. They will be easier to mange. Sometimes, shelter pets are abused and hurt, and don’t trust humans – but when they find salvation in a shelter and a safe haven in a new home, chances are, they will open up to you.


They’re Healthier

Research shows that shelter animals undergo a full physical and behavioral examination before being put up for adoption. Once, I saw a man trying to return some kittens to the pet store he bought them from because he unknowingly bought them with a skin disease!


They Provide Health Benefits

It’s true – pets are good for you! Therapy including animals is there for a reason: it helps you get better! In particular, those who own dogs have been scientifically proven to live longer, or at least enjoy a healthier life.


They’re the CUTEST Creatures That You Will Never Regret Adopting

Here is my proof!


Thank you for taking the time to read this! I would really appreciate it if you were to spread shelter animal awareness as well, as it could save a life! After reading this, if you have no pets, I really encourage you to get one! There is little to no down side for adoption, and it’s not like it’s complicated, so please support the cause and adopt, don’t shop.

Written by: Heidi Aref