October is one of the craziest months and has a ton of occasions including Halloween and United Nations Day. You must think these occasions include 6th of October, World Mental Health Day, or National Bullying Prevention Day. Would you think that these days include National Nut Day or National Dictionary Day? Neither would I, so here’s a list of the top 5 most interesting occasions in October.

  1. National Balloon Day – October 1

Yes balloons are an essential part of many children’s lives and were a part of our childhood. But National Balloon Day? Most of us think Internationally celebrated days are big issues in the world, health related, supporting certain people, or celebrate something historic. On National Balloon Day, people have a party with an excessive use of balloons, learn how to make their own balloons, pass out balloons, or teach people how to make them.

  1. National Moldy Cheese Day – October 9

To celebrate this day people should go check their fridges for forgotten cheese or throw a rotten cheese party!! SOOO interesting right?  To some this day might be important or worth celebrating, but personally, I think that no national day is needed for rotten cheese.

  1. National Dictionary Day – October 16

National Dictionary Day is celebrated to appreciate dictionaries and the beauty of language. To celebrate this day you should go by learning more about the history of dictionaries and by learning new words. Interesting right?

  1. National Nut Day – October 22

This holiday celebrates the existence of nuts and their health benefits. Once again, is it worth celebrating globally? Maybe it is, maybe I’m wrong. The main reason this day is celebrated because nuts contain a lot of beneficial nutrients and are used in many different things. To celebrate Nut Day, eat as many nuts as you can.

  1. National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day – October 31

This day’s origins trace back to England in the nineteenth century, and some documentations state that it occurs on the night of Halloween. On National Increase your Psychic Powers Day people spend time trying to practice their psychic powers using many different methods to improve them.

By Fareeda Eraky