AIS4Egypt has just accomplished its very first task of the 2016-2017 school year. In the early morning of the 22nd of October, we rapturously visited the well-known and distinguished Cancer hospital in Egypt: 57357. I was inexplicably eager to find out the hospital’s facets, especially because of its every-day, unceasing advertisements that pop out in every Egyptian’s TV.

Based on our experiences, most of us can infer that advertisements are, to a very great extent, manipulative and misleading, as they disclose an unrealistic aspect of their product for the aim of attracting customers. This, however, was not the case today. The hospital was considerably spotless, with all of its floors equipped with masks and hand-sanitizers. Its outer semblance, additionally, was just as unblemished as it appears to be in TV ads. Children, moreover, were just as friendly.

There is nothing wrong with being in denial. We sometimes need to disclose our strong human nature by refusing to accept something as reality. Whether it is a stumbling block in our lives, or a barrier preventing us from attaining what we really want, being in-denial is necessary at certain times to try to cope with what we currently have in our own hands. In this hospital, I have seen nothing but children being in-denial; children refusing to believe that they are suffering from the deadliest disease, and rather living joyfully and light-heartedly.

We all had this hidden, common feeling that it would be uncalled for to impulsively unleash our emotions and tear up, disturbed by the disconsolate conditions of the children. Therefore, we inadvertently imitated the children, by being in denial ourselves. Throughout the 3-hour visit, we were also refusing to accept the children’s conditions as reality…

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By Ali Labana