Swansea had too much quality for Arsenal to handle, but the home side ultimately came out with 3 points.

Huge three points for Arsene Wenger and his arsenal side as both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City draw and drop points this afternoon. With the firing of the Spanish manager Francesco Guidolin and the appointment of the experienced Bob Bradley who was surely make the swansea players work their socks off, it was never thought to have been an easy fixture for the gunners. The gunners were up two to one in the first half and the match ended with a score of three to two.

The first half was just a typical arsenal first half when they play against inferior opposition, passing and moving the ball around the Swansea defence until the players could find a crack of daylight to exploit and create something with it. The first goal came in the 26th minute, it started with great movement to get the ball to Hector Bellerin and when the swansea defender fails to clear the ball after Bellerin’s headed pass, Walcott takes advantage of the defender’s sloppy footwork to beat the goalkeeper at his near post. The second goal came shortly after in the 33rd minute when the ball was lifted up into a dangerous area from a corner, more sloppy defending led to Walcott having the ball in front of the keeper where all he had to do was slot it home. Swansea’s first goal came right after Arsenal’s second when Granit Xhaka tried to be too fancy at a dangerous area only to have the ball stolen from him by Sigurdsson and finish the chance with ease. Arsenal were panicking during the last ten minutes of the first half and the Swansea players felt motivated to go at the Arsenal players.

Arsenal came out strong in the second half and made it a goal of theirs to kill Swansea’s motivation. They were doing a good job draining the swansea players of their confidence and they were desperately trying to put the nail in the coffin. Arsenal scored in the 57th minute by way of a beautiful volley at the near post from Mesut Ozil. some great bits of ball movement helped free up sanchez, which he exploited by picking the perfect pass to Ozil, the finish was sublime. The celebrations for this goal didn’t last long as in the 68th minute, the Swansea substitute Borja slots the ball past petr Cech after a cross from barrow that monreal couldn’t deal with. To make matters worse for the gunners, Granit Xhaka takes one for the team by tackling the swansea player from the back before he got to the ball. It was a sloppy red card but a smart one too. The game was very nervy till the end but ultimately the gunners take all the three points at home which made them sit comfortably in second place behind manchester city. Can the gunners go for gold in this incredibly tight race?

By Mohamed Orban


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