This year, the National Honor Society – or better known as NHS – is hosting its first ever Arts Festival! The event will be held on Saturday, November 19th, 2016 at 12:00 PM and will be jam-packed with numerous forms of art. The purpose of this festival is essentially to showcase the many artists of AIS, whether you are an artist, a musician, a singer, a poet, an actor, etc. The Arts Festival is going to include a variety of artistic activities or performances such as karaoke, caricature/portrait drawings, drama skits, poetry slam, band and choir performances, Battle of the Bands, and a do-it-yourself cupcake station. Not only that but along with all these activities, you can even purchase books and there will also be many NGO vendors.

NHS is bring to attention the many types of arts that run through the hallways of AIS, and is doing so in a very fun and eventful way. As this will be their first Arts Festival, there’s no doubt that the events will be monotonous or unexciting. There is no better way to showcase your artistic, music, or theatric skills than to join and take action with the fun and beauty that NHS is planning to host.

You might think that this may not interest you, especially people out there who do not believe they are that good at art. But fear not, the Arts Festival will recruit volunteers, which any AIS high schoolers can sign up for. In terms of why you would do this, if not for the fun and the beauty to be witnessed, participants can also potentially receive CAS hours depending on the activity they sign up for. If you plan on singing up for any of the activities listed in the very top of this article, you may receive creativity hours, and if you are volunteering for the festival, you may receive service hours.

Nevertheless, don’t miss out on all the fun that’s going to take place on the 19th. For students of AIS, sign up if you’re interested in performing spoken poetry, singing, or just plainly jamming! You may find sign up sheets next to the Arts Festival posters in the hallway. Come join the creativity!

By Farida Hamza