Is it possible? Is it really possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex that doesn’t turn into the person you love? I don’t know, I mean your best friend is the person you can tell anything to, the person you feel the most comfortable with, the person that’s always there for you, the person you wouldn’t dare to care to impress. Isn’t that what love really is? Is it really possible to stay best friends with someone without developing any sort of feelings towards them, I say it’s not. Deep down you both know you’re meant for each other; I mean you wouldn’t be this close if you weren’t. She helps you with all the girls you’ve been with just to see you happy, that’s how much she loves you. He helps you with every guy you’ve been with just to see you smile, that’s how much he really cares for you. But you both can’t stand the fact of breaking your beautiful so called friendship, thinking that once you tell each other you have mutual feelings this friendship will all go away. Bas leh? Leh nefteker kida? Nothing has to change, absolutely nothing. The only difference now is that you both know you have mutual feelings, bel3aks ento kida mertaheen, rather than thinking day and night about what’s going on, if he likes you, if she likes you, if you really are friends, what you are, and so on. It’s a non-ending cycle that we were taught to turn into the most complicated circle ever. So, do you think it’s possible to have an opposite sex best friend without developing any feelings? Tell me what you think… because I definitely disagree.

By Rawda Shahin