As the students entered the bus signs of joy and happiness were displayed on their faces, in which most of them were eager to visit the dogs. The road was clear and so was the weather, in which it was the perfect time for walking the dogs. On the way to the dog shelter we were able buy snakes and get the supplies required for the long and full day ahead of us. After a fair amount of time on the road we managed to get to the location with everyone on board and ready to service the dogs.

Leaving the bus, we could smell the shelter from a distance where it had a discrete smell, which tends to fade away with time. As we entered the shelter we were welcomed by approximately 40 dogs who showed signs of happiness and excitement at sight. Instructions were given about our actions and attitude towards the dogs. Everyone started to pet as many dogs as possible until it was time for their walks. The walk was long ranging from 1:30 to 2:00 hours which included the climbing of Sakkara pyramid with the accompany of dogs. The weather tended to fluctuate as we advanced in our journey, henceforth tiring us and the dogs.

The walks were over with everyone out of breath and smelling like dogs, yet surprisingly everyone was extremely supportive and mature regarding the manner. Cases of torture and mistreatment to these dogs have been visually presented to us as we walked around the shelter, feelings of sadness and anger were on most faces in which it made someone sad to see a dog with missing legs, eyes, and broken bones. Overall ESMA was considered a success in which we were able to raise a significant amount of money along with servicing the dogs whom lack the care and love they need.

By Omar Eleshmawi