An invisible hand

Branding us with our employee badges

Controlling our ethics and money

The top 5%

That built our world based on a manipulative fantasy

A fantasy where the people are ignorant to the brutal reality of the world

It is thrown casually behind our backs

Buried beneath the routine and the “right from wrong” we grew up by

Artificial emotions in the form of pills, alcohol, and whatever escape we abide ourselves with

Humanitarian warfare in the form of advertisement

Destructive chemicals in the form of food

Brainwashing authority in the form of media

Controlled, monitored and restrained communication in the form of social networks

The nonexistent ideology of the existence of democracy

The roofs we seek shelter under are of bipolar numbers that are pulled up and down as wished for

We are the most hypnotized people that mankind has ever witnessed

We take pride in technology that was built on our children’s back

Technology that rules our time and mindset

Branding us as ‘slaves to the machines’

And you know what the most humorous part of all this?

Is that we, blindly hand over all the authority they need on a silver plate

And the only real you ever witness, is those corrupted revolutions that are kept and wiped as pleased

And we are left with the choice of being a yes or a no

Part of those who shelter themselves under the dominance of their complete outer and inner self

And it isn’t those who control the strings of us, the puppets, who are at fault here

It is us, the people, the bystanders who cowardly accept the cage we are thrown in

Who let it all play out.

By Malak Mareey