Have you ever just wondered what’s around you? Have you ever noticed the miracles that surround you? Have you ever thought what is up? UP? Did you ever marvel in the sky and wonder what is above? There are countless things above that the eye alone can’t see without the help of technology. The stars; how beautiful are they? Can you see them all? At night, Earth’s sky reveals only 3,000 stars to the eye. As known, there are more than 100 billion galaxies and each of those galaxies may have more than 100 billion stars. Did you ever just think to leave your technology or whatever is making you busy and think of the sunset? The sunset is a view, relaxing to see, with plenty of different colors painted all over the skies. Wake up early to watch the sunrise, watch the white as it glows through the day and dims by the night where our friend the moon arrives. The moon with its different shapes can be amazing, but as a color changes from light to dark it can be a surprise. Travel to the moon with your mind, dig a little deeper and imagine a bit longer. Ask yourself, what can you see? Do you see what you think you should see? Reality? Space as another thing or holding other life? Can you see Mars with a different name, color and a home? Are you ready to leave your home? Dig even deeper, do you see your house there? Can you see your family and friends smiling to you as the river flows in Mars, your red home? Are you lost in your thoughts or even space? Did you imagine your whole life? Are you ready to leave earth? Is the thought scary or exciting? Lie down on grass and look up to the sky; let your mind wander and travel back to reality and home.

By Nada Ali