Normally when we think of technology, we think good. The reason we think this way is because technology helps us in many ways. It makes our lives easier. Before the internet, we had books to use for researches and knowledge. Now we have books AND the internet to refer to. The internet is only one means of technology. There are the equipment we use to access the internet like our laptops, computers, tablets and phones. For moving around we have cars, motorcycles, trains, busses, planes and boats. At our houses we have air conditioners, heaters, lights, TV, ovens and many more things that technology has brought us.

All of the things listed above help us. The internet on its own is a great help. Whether it be school work, communication, research or just entertainment, the internet is a great piece of technology. All the things we use to move around are really helpful and allow us to get from one place to another at a faster time. The equipment we have at our houses makes us more comfortable. Technology in general is made to make life easier and more comfortable.

Technology being a good thing also has its negatives. Like we see in the picture of this article, technology surrounds the earth. Before technology, people used to interact more, go out more and communicate more. After technology however, people have been sucked in, they have become detached from the world. In the article “Technology is Destroying the Quality of Human Interaction” the author talks about how technology has derived us from spending the time we used to spend with each other (

Technology also makes us somewhat lazy. Because it makes our lives much easier, we want everything in life to be easy for us and sometimes causes us not to push hard when situations get hard. Another thing is that we are so reliant on technology now, that without it, we would have a really hard time coping. If we put a person who has lived their whole life surrounded by technology in a small village without any technology it would be really hard for that person to live. Technology has its benefits, but it also has its disadvantages.

Fisson Tibbo