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What is success to you? How can you be successful? Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Success in when you accomplish any aim or goal you had set for yourself. Many people think that if they do not success in something they set for themselves, it means that they will never be successful in life. The truth is that there is no success if you do not fail ones in your life. Success comes from failing, but never giving up. Success is when you continue going even if you failed every time you tried to achieve your goal. The success was that you never gave up on yourself, and kept going. When you fail the first time, you will learn how to improve on the mistakes you made. Success is not a straight line. There will always be a bumpy way that will try to give up, but like every line, no matter what kind of line, it will always get you to your destination. A warrior will never be successful if he never makes a mistake or fails sometime in his training days. His mistake are going to be the reason he will be victorious because he’ll learn from them and take his knowledge to the war. Being successful does not mean that you are wealthy, have money, or having a lot of trophies or degrees. Successful is having a happy life that makes this world a better place for everyone. Failure will always lead you to success. It is okay to fail, but not fail to succeed. The first step to being successful is to set some goals. Make a strategy or plan to aim or achieve your goal; it is OKAY to fail. This will help you later in life. When you look back at your mistakes you won’t commit them again because you will now know the consequence of it. Success is when you have achieved a series of accomplishments. Success must be born in a mind of someone who really want it. Set goals, fail, try again; those are steps for being successful.

Camila Labrosse