Everyday I hear countless complains about the School Uniform, but have we ever thought that there could be an upside to wearing uniforms.  With school uniform, we are able to equalize the student body as a whole, leveling less space for competitive behavior. This allows students to achieve their highest form of academic achievements. Students wouldn’t be focused on what they’re wearing or what others are wearing, but they will be more focused on their schoolwork. We are also able to promote equality due to the fact no one is better then someone for wearing more expensive or better looking clothing. Also school uniforms are able to create a safer working environment due to the fact the students are not being terrorized or bullied based on what they are wearing. This also can be an advantage to the administrators since they are able to enforce the rules easier them of the rules of standard dress code. Honestly, they also make mornings so much easier. Imagine waking up every morning to debating what to wear. Instead we can wake up and not stress on what to wear since everyone will be wearing the same thing as us.  With that you won’t be late every morning, and that allows you to be punctual. Think about it, this way we’ll be able to decrease our chance of getting an after school detention.  I understand, the argument that we aren’t able to express ourselves, but we actually can. By engaging in many school activities, other people are able to gain a perspective of who we are. By joining various clubs, we are able to find creative way of self-expression. Just imagine it so much stress and so much drama could be avoided by wearing a uniform. Next time we complain about our uniform, we should just think to ourselves about all the upsides to wearing them.

By Karim Ghobrial