The following is presented for the purpose of expressing the corruption of middle eastern stereotypes as Muslim “terrorists”, regarding the several attacks carried out in the western world. For the need to categorize humans, specifically dangerous ones, overwhelms humans into subjecting all people under one label.

November 13th

A Friday night

A Paris attack

A disastrous hack

To a so called sustained system

But the Human ashes

Contradict the monstrous

Safety of those who matter

Those who now shatter

Us with guilt and hatred

Pointing their dirty fingers

Fingers stained with our own blood

And now we are a flood of

Dead or to die

We are blamed for their creation

Framed for their crime

With each chime of death

On their land

The forbidden fruit of the planet

We are titled as the bombers

And as I sit and write

I am to give them the credit

For the mastery of the plan

A plan, which titles every Arab man

As a terrorist, that paints the ashes of every one of their humans

March 22

A Tuesday morning

Brussels attacked

We the corrupted world

Uninterrupted with the death of millions

In Libya, Syria, and Palestine

Entwine condolences

And prayers that we do not pray

For 130 humans in every attack

On their forbidden land

But forget to remember the innocent

Women, children and men

Whose blood fills the sand of our corrupt nation

And now we are the claimed criminals

And our corrupt prayers now go out to the owners of those who

Gifted our fellow terrorists with the accessories needed

To terrorize the mentality of this world





Daily attacks ring out

In the east

50 million are now deceased

By Malak Mareey