Fast food can be found in almost every single corner, country, or any place. Fast food has its perks; you are served in an instant or sometimes depending due to the amount of people, but still it is fast and for many people a good quality food; delicious. When people are feeling lazy or had a long day and do not want to cook or go to an expensive restaurant, fast food is always their option. It could be easily delivered to your house or you can easily find it around your block. Like almost everything, fast food has a lot of cons. Over time fast found has been the reason for people getting sick. How can fast food make you sick? Fast food could sometimesĀ not be real food, for example it was said that the meat used in McDonalds was rat meat. The food is imported in many countries, and for it to not decompose, it is frozen up. It is never known if the food being served is expired or good. Fast food is also the main reason people are obese. It is mostly recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) that it is the reason many adolescents are obese. Obesity causes many diseases which in some occasions it leads to death. Even if you say that you opt for ‘healthy’ options in the fast food restaurants, let me tell you that you are wrong. The fruit and yogurt salads that you gulp have more sugar content than the regular soda can. This causes the insulin resistance to increase, thereby increasing the risk of getting diabetes. Fast food encourages people to stop making healthy food and making food at home at all because it is less expensive, and no one has to put any energy at making their own food. Studies say that fast food junkies suffer from depression due to lack of nutrition in their body. Fast food in some ways is good, but it is mostly known as bad. It is better for your health to avoid any fast food to keep your body healthy.

By: Camila Labrosse