College Applications, a phrase that makes seniors all around the world sweat. College applications might be the hardest thing in the last year of school. Am I good enough? Do I have enough extra-curricular activities? Is my GPA high enough? Are my SAT scores good enough? Is my personal essay good? These are some of questions every senior asks themselves from the beginning of their senior year up to around January. The process is tough, and the chance to talk to a representative from any university that you might be thinking of applying to might go a long way in terms of making up your mind, knowing some more details about the university that might not be accessible on their website such as the availability of dorms, custom majors, dual programs, and much more. To help with this, AIS-Main hosted a college fair on Wednesday 12 October where admissions representatives from around 70 Universities from all around the world including the UK, US, Egypt, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Cyprus, and Switzerland were present to answer any questions students had for them. The fair was open to students and parents from schools all around Cairo. It was the first of hopefully many more fairs to come. I personally talked to several of the representatives and this is what I got from most of them: Colleges are holistic in their admissions process meaning they don’t just look at your scores, they look at everything including your activities, and what the teaches say about you, colleges care more about what you have to offer to them, clubs you’re going to join, possible research you do, and your overall performance while there, they might even sometimes interview you over Skype to get to know you more. Even though the process is tough and nerve-wracking, once you go to college, it will certainly be the best days of your life.

Here are some pictures from the fair:

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Mahmoud Kaddah