When we enter class we must take our seats and take our books out quietly. We can either quickly, before class go the tray to pick up work or go immediately to our seats. We should not be socializing or be noisy since it is extremely disrespectful. After we enter class, if it’s before lunch, we should not ask to go to the bathroom or be disruptive because we had enough time to socialize. We should bring our materials out and be ready for the class along with any homework we had due that night. When the bell rings we should not be disrespectful to the teacher by staying out of our seats but rather act as real high school students. We are expected to act like young adults and not be noisy or disrespectful once the bell rings. 

When the bell rings we should immediately make our way to our seats or even if we talk we should speak in a silent manner. We should take out our books for the day and even if we want to ask a question or say something before class starts or during class, we should ask the people at our table in a quiet voice or whisper. We should wait for the teacher to commence teaching and throughout the lesson we should be respectful and quiet. Being respectful in class is an important key to the smooth running of the class as well as an important factor to academic environment hosted in school.

Without respect, the class would be chaotic and gave no structure whatsoever. It is necessary to our learning in class as well as the manners we absorb and reflect. By being disrespectful, it disrupts our learning environment and hinders the class’s schedule of learning and teaching. Being respectful is a vital aspect in which we must all demonstrate our best behavior at school. By interruptions and disruptions, the class would never be able to reach its goal and teach peacefully. As AIS high school students, we should be able to already learn the manners of being class as well as be mature and learn how to carry ourselves. 

Being disrespectful limits the time other students have to ask questions and express themselves. It is key to be thoughtful of other students and keep in mind that there are other opportunities to socialize outside of class and learning environment. Being disrespectful not only punishes other people but it lets other people suffer the same consequences as the one or couple students being punished. Despite being a collective class and body, we are punished as one. So the disruptive people should learn to be respectful for the entire class’s sake. 

By: Dana Kosber