Recently creepy clowns have been terrifying people all over the US and UK. Today people just take videos of them and share them everywhere. Sadly, these creepy clowns have become a trend and most people take it as a joke and watch these videos giving them more publicity and recognition. The police however don’t find this as a joke, in fact anyone who decides to fool around and wear creepy clown costume to scare people is arrested, since clowns don’t have a smooth history with law in the past. Creepy clowns weren’t always just lurking around in the middle of the night, about 35 years ago these creepy clown were murders. The most notorious death was the death of Marlene Warren. A man arrived at her house in Florida wearing a creepy clown costume and holding flowers and balloons, once Marlene opened the front door, the clown shot her and ran away in his unmarked car, one of the balloons left behind had “ You’re the Greatest” written on it. Until today the murder remains unsolved and the identity of the man under the mask is unknown. Another famous case involving a creepy clown was the death of  Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, the oldest brother of Arellano Felix, the once feared drug clan. Francisco was celebrating his birthday in Baja, California when he was shot in front of everyone by a man dressed as a creep clown, until today no ones the reason behind choosing a creepy clown costume to murder the victim.   Based on past cases, the creepy clown trend needs to end, people shouldn’t be encouraging it by sharing any videos or giving this matter any more attention than it’s already receiving. Even though these cases happened a few decades ago, that doesn’t change the fact that it can happen any time, therefore, promoting this only makes more people endangered and increases the possibility of another murder.

Camellia Rashad