Doing what you hate to do, but nonetheless doing it like you love it

Why do people always want to be somewhere else? For some, winter is a good end to the blistering heat of summer. For others, it is but a season of melancholy. I have seen students having this uncontrollable desire for traveling and earning their diploma from a European nation or from the United States/Canada. Yes, it is definitely more prestigious. But don’t get preoccupied with what might come next, because then you would be putting off your happiness causing you to miss the enjoyment that is possible every day. We don’t have to wait for that “perfect moment” that would attain our relief. Inner peace, after all, cannot be bought. As long as you think happiness comes from somewhere else, you can never accomplish it from where you currently are…


I couldn’t endure the sight of chocolate

Without impulsively eating it

A cinnabon, with melting chocolate chips,

Protruding from its surface

Liquefying its way down through ground level

I couldn’t resist waiting

But what first stood on my table was unrequested

“That was uncalled-for” I silently uttered

With the mistaken thought that I wouldn’t be heard

I was starving, with little or no choice,

Except to disclose my hasty knack of eating

I was flinching with disgust

And so I tested the power of human-mind

By re-depicting my lovely cinnabon

And started eating with a melting smile,

Protruding from my face,

Widening its way up through my eyes,

I couldn’t resist living

By Ali Labana