This weekend, the first MUN conference of 2016-2017 went in action. If you are living under a rock and you have no idea what MUN is, it’s Model United Nations. People who are interested from every grade choose to join any forum they desire like General Assembly, Junior General Assembly, Human Rights Commission, ECOSOC, Security Council, Disarmament Commission, International Court of Justice, and Advisory Panel. After that, you get assigned countries that are actually part of the United Nations. When you get assigned your country, they give you topics to search up and learn how they relate to your assigned country and study it well in order to have a strong argument. The format of your paper needs to be exactly like what it would look like if you were actually part of the UN. The final step is the conference; every forum starts proving their arguments about their countries and everyone shows their knowledge about the country and topic they were assigned.


I asked a close friend who attended the conference to tell me about her experience at the conference and she told me about how her forum was funny but serious at times and her favorite part of the conference was debating. On day 1, her forum combined all of their resolutions for each topic, and they ended up having two resolutions per topic. On day 2 they debated and two out of six resolutions passed. She said everything was organized and all forums were in the order that they should have been. They even had an opening ceremony video and an ending ceremony video to make everything official. Lastly, at the end of the day they had a bonfire, which she thought was pretty cool. Throughout the day, they had two coffee breaks and one lunch break. MUN requires you to be committed, hardworking and on top of your work, you can’t slack off.

Mariam Omar