Winter is considered the coldest season of the year in which cold temperatures are present all around countries ranging from negative values to small positive values. Around this time, the nights are long and days are shorter, in which it slowly fades away as the season progresses. The weather is usually cold even when the sun comes out very late in the morning. Preparations for winter are generally considered different than usual days, where people see extreme importance in the weather report. Weather reports do provide helpful information when it comes to clothing and protection for the day.

In European countries most people would tend to shovel snow and gather wood for the fire place. Shoveling snow is something that people benefit from especially teenagers who aim for an extra deposit to their allowance, yet considered a burden for others in which it hinders them from their daily routine. There were multiple reports for snow causing traffic issues, thankfully the weather in African countries is considered fairly warm to others and does not support the availability of snow. The toughest days would be considered when the wind blows strong and the clouds rain like a shower.

The most enjoyable part of winter would be clothing, in which there is a wide variety on what to wear. People tend to cloth themselves with multiple layers in order to warm their bodies and ward off the cold. As fashion might be considered an advantage, you would take sickness as a counter argument in which many get sick multiple times in the span of 3 months, henceforth making it undesirable. Fashion, weather, hot beverages, snow, traffic, and sickness are all factors that are to be considered when looking forward for this season full of joy and coldness.  

Omar Eleshmawi