Because of the constant fear of rape, women do things throughout the day to protect themselves. Whether it’s carrying our keys in our hands as we walk home, locking the car doors as we get in, or not walking down certain streets. It’s essentially like living in a prison. Our bodies define us; the ideal image is thin and skinny. We are taught to be tiny. We can’t assume that we’re safe anywhere, not on the streets not in our homes. That we are so used to feeling unsafe that we don’t even realize that there’s something abnormal about it.

Because of the constant fear of honor, women do thing throughout the day to protect their family’s dignity. Whether it’s locked in a cell instead of running in freedom, taking a beating for a false accusation, or marrying a man one does not desire. We are taught to obey under any circumstance- for life or death. We are obligated to be unrecognized, not have a voice or opinion. If so, integrity might be insulted. And the only punishment is death; honor killing.

Because of assault, harassment, rape, gossip, rumors, scandals, honor killing, and kidnapping we constantly live in fear. Then, what is there not to fear? Yes I know death. Death is our salvation.

By Arwa Ahmed

Source: “‘The Men Have Knives and Drink and Fight. We Are Scared of Being Raped’: What Life Is REALLY like for Migrant Women and Children Trapped in the Calais ‘Jungle’ Camp.” Mail Online. Associated Newspaper Ltd, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2016.