The Date Palm Festival, aka Mahragan El Nakheel, was held on October 22, 2016 at Fagnoon Art School.

Fagnoon Art School, which was founded by Egyptian artist Mohamed Allam, is essentially “Allam’s vision of an ideal society where freedom of expression, respect for the environment and mutual consideration are the norm.” Additionally, Allam wanted children to have a place where they could be free to express themselves and develop their creativity with no inclusion of daily life constraints. Essentially, whatever is going on outside of the center is left outside.

The Date Palm Festival began at 10 am and went on until 5:30 pm.  

Organized by Slow Food Cairo, the Date Palm Festival is an annual event that celebrates the date palm and all the people whose work is inspired by it.  This family event had something to offer to everyone attending, and all enjoyed a fun day of cooking classes, food tasting, a four course meal, lectures, family games, meeting local producers,Date Palm Festival

as well as music.

A number of AIS high school students volunteered to participate in the event.  They were rewarded CAS service hours for their work, which included face painting for the little ones, running a number of games with children of various ages, and helping with donkey and camel rides.

Furthermore, the organizers offered individuals who are not successful in marketing and selling their products in the local market a chance to display and sell their goods. AIS volunteers assisted in the sale of their products throughout the day.    

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By Maya Abou El Nasr