You might think of rappers as men who wear oversized shirts and saggy pants with heavy gold chains around their necks. Now we can all thank G-Eazy for changing the game. The man who wears all black, has gold fangs, and calls himself ‘the villain’. “I’ve been interested in fashion and style since I was a little kid and, though my first world is music, the two are very connected – I see it as another way of expressing myself.” G-Eazy also known as Gerald Earl Gilium is a Bay Area artist whose career finally launched after releasing the song ‘Me, Myself, and I’ featuring Bebe Rexha on October 15 2015. You might know him for the songs ‘I Mean It” or ‘Lady Killers’ featuring Hoodie Allen or his 2011 cover of Runaround Sue. Regardless from where you found out about him, you’ll notice that his style is different than any other rapper. He started slicking his hair back in 2011 for his Runaround Sue music video and since then slicked back hair has been his style and never changed it ever since. His favorite go-to look is black jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket. Johnny Cash plays a big role in inspiring G’s subtle looks and he is often referred to as the ‘James Dean of hip hop’.

“I’m a minimalist when it comes to a lot of things and most of the time I feel like less is more, it takes me five minutes to get ready in the morning. I’ve never been one to wear loud jewelry and I don’t wear a lot of color,” says Eazy. He invests in the classic, by making the simplest material worth more than it is by having the best texture and the best cut. G doesn’t switch up his style, it’s the same outfit whether he’s going to the airport, the grocery store, or performing in front 50,000 people. He always keeps his classic, mid 20th century uniform the same. He believes that anyone’s style is a way of identifying your personality and it is a part of your life. Less does more, investing in the classics, knowing your uniform, balancing the high and the low, and being true to yourself are all part of G-Eazy’s mindset on fashion. In 2015, GQ named G-Eazy as one of the best-dressed men in New York Fashion Week. His unbeatably cool personality matching his high-fashion aesthetic is a dominant part of what drew people to his fan base. “Something I stand for is being brave enough to invest in creative ideas that I firmly believe in and bringing those to life.”


By Mariam Omar