Friendship is more that two or more people constantly talking together and pathetically claiming “we’re friends” or “I am friends with her”.

Friendship is a bound of trust and mutual support

Your friends are your allies

And I am not talking about the these people you call barely speak to but claim to be friends because you want show everyone you are loving 

I mean your true friends;

the friends you stay hours talking to about pathetic matter

the friends we wake up in the middle of the night for to gossip

a friend where you are most truthful with

you tell her when she is jealous




or right,

Your friends is your sister, brother, mother, and father

She is the back you lean on 

pillow to cry on

and the mirror to see with

There is no such thing as a best friend or just a friend.

There is only “ she is a friend” or not. 

By Arwa Ahmed