The NBA season’s opening night couldn’t have gone any better with an emphatic blowout by the San Antonio Spurs over the most hyped up team in the history of the NBA in the golden state warriors. The game was very neck and neck in the start with both teams exchanging points and Kevin Durant knocking down every shot he got. This looked to be a routine Warriors win in the first 5 minutes since they had control of the pace of the game and they essentially had the better players, however, it all came down to which of the team’s’ bench players outperformed the other, and obviously, the Spurs bench players came to life in this game. They played like it was a playoff game and that level of intensity was why they got rewarded with this huge win. One player that looked to be on another level this year was the Spurs wing Kawhi Leonard. He had a career high 35 points along with 5 steals. It was no surprise that he was gonna turn up for this game because his year by year improvement is incomparable. The difference we saw today that we didn’t see last year was that he aggressively attacked the hoop and went to the line a lot, he also managed to knock down all of his 15 free throws. His defense was exceptional as he knows how to make even the best ball handlers in the league foolish. Another person that was amazing in this game and probably deserves the man of the match is Jonathan Simmons. He really seized his opportunity in that game and everybody knows him now. He has a similar body and play style to Kawhi however I would argue that he his more explosive. The warriors now have a lot to deal with because with the expectations as high as it is for them to win many games this year, i believe that the team chemistry has to improve in order for that to happen. I believe that they will get better as the season progresses and learn to play together, but that doesn’t change the fact that a blowout in their previously unbeaten in home is humiliating.

By Mohamed Orban