For many years, many people have wondered why there is traffic. According to the Mathematicians from the University of Exeter, traffic jams are caused by a car’s speed. A model was created to test this experiment, which then led to the main reason for traffic. Traffic jams are created by a driver’s speed that causes the car behind him to slow and then the other car to slow; creating traffic jam. This experiment was created by students who created a perfect model with a perfect city. What would happen if they created a model like Cairo. Not all traffic starts with one car slowing down creating the other ones to slow down too. Cairo traffic is mainly caused by the unspoken rules of Cairo traffic. Egyptians have driven for a long time, so they get a feel that they can do whatever they want just to get to their destination in a short amount of time with minimal scrapes, dents, and minimal loss of life. In a traffic rule, a car has to drive in one lane, but in Cairo it is natural to drive at a high or same speed as long as they believe it is the right way. Gaps between cars is known as a good thing to do, so if anything happens the gap helps you react fast and prevent any accidents. In Cairo, no one shall ever leave a gap during traffic because someone will try to take your spot. It will take you twice as long to get to your destination.

sdfFor many foreigners, Cairo is one of the countries where they break a lot of traffic rules, but in reality there are no traffic rules in Cairo. This is one of the main causes for traffic jams. People have the right to go at any speed they like moving their cars as if they were in a GTA game. Traffic lights can be helpful when you’re waiting to take a turn or you’re in a big mess and don’t know when it is your turn to move. In Cairo, people need to fight to get their turn to move which sometimes causes accidents. This causes traffic because they suddenly decide to stop in the middle of the highway to decide who’s going to pay for the damage. Sometimes people are foolish that they never want to let anyone to pass them. They then decide to race who is going to be the one to win this little “battle”. Cairo can be a crazy country due to their way of driving, but it can be resolved if there were enough people who cared about creating traffic rules that’ll benefit their country.

By Camila Labrosse