The Inuit culture is endangered in Greenland by the severe harsh climate weather. This is because of the effect of global warming as it makes the number of Inuit’s smaller and less sustainable and it is driving them to extinction. Not only has global warming made hunting considerably more dangerous, it has also divided the hunting season. Because of global warming effects, the ice also begins to melt and therefore will not need dogs anymore, hence their cultures will be destroyed. Global warming has an effect on human cost too, as it tears families apart. Now it would make these people be 4,000 km away from their Canadian relative if they want to visit them, and will cost several thousand pounds to fly by air which few could afford. There is a very small amount of Polar Eskimo people, and the intuits love their subculture with their furry animals. Unfortunately their life is threatened because of the increasing rate of extinction. It has been found that hunting is restricted and their food that comes from the sea contains mercury in some marine mammals which can cause health hazards, and the risks of radioactive contamination. It was from a nearby nuclear accident in 1968, when a US Air Force B-52 crash-landed with four hydrogen bombs on board.

If the Inuits are forced to leave their ancient homeland, it is likely that the language of these Arctic hunters will disappear. Their already endangered, ancient, spoken traditions rich of indigenous cultural knowledge about how they relate to the land, sea and ice, are bound up in stories and along with that myths will also be lost. Native Americans who are technically Inuit under Tecumseh ally with the British against the United States in the War of 1812. Tecumseh is the person who wanted war against the US as he wanted to stop the efforts of the expansion of the US. There was also a conflict between Canada and the Inuit settlers as they wanted to keep their own tradition and ignore the foreign culture and system. Inuit people especially children had a conflict in which they have higher risk for illnesses and earlier death. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems like Asthma are on the increase as well.

By Nada Ali