One of the most loved mysteries in the world is the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is

located in the western North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida and is roughly a triangle shape

between Miami and Florida. It was named Bermuda because it’s located near the Island of

Bermuda. The reason why this region is so mysterious and why everyone fears it is because this

region has reportedly the highest number of cases of planes and ships disappearing without a

trace. The most recent disappearance was in 2007 when three people riding a boat disappeared

after passing through the Bermuda triangle and until today no one knows anything about the ship

or the people that were on it. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle or the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ is

unsolved until today,however, there are few theories about this region and why no one survives

after passing through it. The first theory is that a comet from outer space crashed into the earth a

thousand years ago near the Bermuda Triangle. They believe that somewhere in the depths of the

ocean lies the remains of this comet and its electromagnetic fields causes all the disruption of the

aircraft signals. Another theory people believe is bubbles of methane gas rise up to the surface of

water decreasing its density which leads to lowering the buoyant force exerted by the water. A

less famous theory people have about the Bermuda Triangle is that aliens (believe it or not) are

behind all the missing planes and ships. Some people believe that aliens abduct humans when

they are in this region which causes them to disappear. How about you, what do you think is the

reason behind this region? Do you believe any of these theories, or do you have your own?


By Camellia Rashad