Halloween is coming up, which means you should start getting in the Halloween spirit, if you haven’t already got into it since October 1st. This weekend, the PTA hosted the Halloween Carnival. High School students were able to volunteer for CAS hours and have fun at the same time. You could’ve volunteered to face paint, sell sweets, and take care of kids that were painting and that easily would finish your required 10 hours of service if you volunteered for both days. The carnival was well organized and they provided high quality service and food. Kids were running around with smiles on their faces, moving from station to station without causing any trouble. They ran around the field from the bouncy slide, to getting their face painted, to playing soccer, to buying food. While they were in the Halloween spirit, they dressed as their favorite superhero, princess, or TV character. The carnival was a good place for parents to happily socialize with each other while not worrying about the safety of their children.

Moving on to the most important part of the carnival, food. There were a couple of stations that had homemade cookies, cupcakes, pop tarts, and brownies. The good part is that some stations used the money they earned from their desserts for cancer charity. While other official store stores and stations were just using money for their own profit. The main part of the carnival was the music and the stage, where children play with each other, play games, and dance to the music. Overall it was a great experience that was well organized, I felt good energy coming from everyone and it wasn’t too crowded. Everything went really smoothly and my friends and I were having a great time and so did everyone else.  


By Mariam Omar