Every year, people of all ages wait for the month of October to celebrate its many special occasions, especially Halloween. Every year, on October 31, we celebrate this holiday. Halloween is said to have originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain. In this festival, people would light bonfires and sit around them. Every year, we go out to buy costumes or make our own at home, but have we ever wondered why we do this? The reason behind costumes is extremely simple, yet unknown. Back in history, the Celtic people wore costumes to scare away the ghosts, who were thought to be roaming around on that night. Halloween was not an official holiday. It was the night before All Saints Day on November first.

The Celts lived in the UK and France, which is where the holiday was first celebrated. The main idea/reason these traditions were practiced was based in the belief that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth on that night. They also believed that the presence of these ghosts made it easier for priests to make predictions about the future.

Today, in contrast to the past, we celebrate Halloween as a fun, friendly holiday, wearing costumes and going trick or treating. Today, children light lanterns and march in parades through towns or from house to house. Another tradition we have today is carving pumpkins. People usually carve pumpkins to look scary, following the historic Celtic belief of scaring the roaming ghosts. Families and friends also gather to celebrate Halloween. These traditions are mostly for children, but how about the adults? Adults these days also celebrate Halloween in many different ways. They need to make sure they have a good stock of candy, for trick or treating, and they need to decorate their house to make it Halloween themed. Every year, people celebrate this holiday in their own way, not knowing how it began!!

Fareeda Eraky