I love many things. I don’t really have something that I love more than all the things that I love so I’ll just tell you most things that I love. One thing that I absolutely love is singing. I’ve always loved singing, except I hadn’t always had the confidence to sing as I do now. I used to be scared of singing in front of everyone except for my little brother and sister. Then I was able to gain confidence and now, I don’t mind singing in front of many people. It would be a process and scary, but it’s not as scary as it used to be. When I sing I feel so happy and joyful. It’s like my soul is being hugged or covered with a warm fuzzy blanket.

Another thing that I love is writing. I love free writing, just writing everything that comes to my mind. That’s why I joined Panther Express. It’s not a struggle for me to write. It’s more of a flow, which is really convenient when it comes to writing essays. Except I don’t like researching, so that would be the hard part about writing essays in high school because most of them are research papers. I like writing in general though.

I love relationships between friends, families, neighbors, just any kind of interactions with others. I’m from Ethiopia and there family is a big thing like here in Egypt. My family and I are really close. I’m closer to my mom’s side of the family more than my dad’s because they are the once that are more sociable. We have a great bond and it’s wonderful. I cherish any type of relationship I have because I value each one greatly. I love spending time with people and I love sharing how I feel about things. I just love people in general. Because I love people, I love school. I also love school because I love learning. I don’t love school as much as I used to because it’s overwhelming now, but I still enjoy it.


Fisson Tibbo