High School Students at AIS are required to do at least 25 hours of CAS every year, but many have trouble meeting this requirement. The 25 hours need to include service, activity, and creativity activities. Many students excel in at least one of these categories, but to do all? Many activities are offered at school, but many students don’t know about them. As a result of this, they have trouble meeting the CAS requirement, so here are 5 things to do at AIS that can help with reaching the CAS hours requirement!

  1. Sports:

There are many sports teams at AIS, including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and much more. To be part of those teams doesn’t only mean getting plenty of activity hours, but also representing our school in competitive sports.

  1. Panther Express:

Panther Express, other than being the AIS newsletter, hosts events and posts pictures and articles of things happening at school and around the world. The student run group calls for individuality and freedom of expression, which is shown through the articles written weekly by its journalists.

  1. MUN:

MUN, or Model United Nations, is an extra curricular activity that recreates the United Nations. Delegates of the program are assigned countries or global organizations and meet at an MUN conference to discuss global issues.

  1. RAK

RAK, or Random Acts of Kindness, is another student lead organization that promotes general generosity and support amongst students. It hosts numerous events throughout the year to encourage student involvement and spread kindness.

  1. ESMA

This organization is meant to support the ESMA dog shelter and aid them financially. The goal of the group is to help the stray or abused dogs in the shelter. Throughout the year, the group hosts visits to the dog shelter to walk the dogs or give them baths. The students participating in the visits get to earn multiple service hours. With the visits, AIS students send donations such as rice or blankets for the dogs.

By Fareeda Eraky