Life is all about balance. If you can’t balance what you do, then life is going to be hard. Everything you do needs to have a balance. Too much or too little of anything is bad with some exceptions of course. Take work for example. Stressing over it and just working non-stop is going to hurt you mentally, physically and emotionally. It will be very tiring to your brain and to your body. It will also get in the way of your relationship with others, which will hurt you emotionally. Too much work isn’t good. Too little work isn’t good either.

Watching too many movies all at once isn’t good. When you watch so many movies, you plague your mind with all the ideas that are being sent to you through the movies. Watching movies in general isn’t bad. It is entertaining and relaxing. Watching too much though, will take time away from the things that are useful to you.

Let’s take social time for example. Some people say that spending time with others can never be too much, but it can. If all you do is talk to people and spend time on social media, it takes time away from other things that you need to do.

Too much training isn’t good either. If you work out a lot or train every day without giving your body rest, that’s not good. It will put a lot of strain on your body and could cause injuries. It will also leave you exhausted so when you get back from doing it, you won’t be able to do anything productive.

All of these are a few examples of things that people do in their day to day lives. Too much of anything isn’t good. It is hurtful towards you and towards the people around you. Learning to manage everything in a balanced manner is the best way to live. I don’t think anyone has perfected balancing everything in their lives, but we can strive towards that goal every day.

By Fisson Tibbo