A lot of us know cancer as the killer disease that has no cure and that’s spreading around the world dangerously, however, what is cancer and what does effect does it have on our bodies? Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal cells in a part of our body, one of the main reason this disease is very dangerous, is that it’s side effects begin to appear in the last stages of the disease, which mean when most people find out about it, it’s already too late or they have a very low percentage of survival. Our cells have a system, cells grow and divide to form new cells, when cells grow old and damaged they die and new cells take their place, but, when this system messes, you get cancer. What happens is that the old and damaged cells don’t die, but your body keeps producing more and more cells, therefore, you begin to have abnormal cells. This is only the general reason of how cancer is created, but each and every type has many different causes. There are more than one hundred types of cancer and the most common amongst them are: prostate cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and leukemia. In 2015 only more than one million people were diagnosed with cancer in the U.S in which half of the cases died. Cancer is one of the most feared diseases worldwide, an even though this disease has been around since the Ancient Romans it has only been a threat to the human race recently and doctors still can’t find a cure to it. Those who survive this disease are very little, and even they have a chance of getting it again. Hopefully one day in the future this disease will be like the flu.

Camellia Rashad