Death is bad

Death is misery

Death is pain

Death is punishment

That is what most imagine

However, this is stereotypical

For a women living in constant fear, death is her salvation

For a child getting abused, death is its place of serenity

For a poor wife worried how will she feed her children the next day, death is her relaxation.

For me, death is my burden and satisfaction

Burden because I don’t know what God planned for me in the afterlife

Am I going to hell or paradise?

Am I going to be grilled in a flaming fire like a piece of steak or living in relaxation, getting served by angels, and having joyful moments with my dear family members?

For me death is my burden and satisfaction

Satisfaction because at least for a fraction of a second I will free from..

The pressure of work

The pressure of becoming successful

The pressure of pleasing others

And most importantly the pressure of life

This is my definition of death

What is yours?


– Arwa Ahmed