We always worry about tests! We can all feel that feeling it in our stomachs when we worry if we didn’t study too hard. However we can be confident in our studies only if we study the right way. Firstly, we should not procrastinate, allow ourselves a long duration to study instead of cramming it all in at the last second. Create a timetable and schedule for what to study everyday so we allow our brain to process the information instead of cramming it at the last second. With every work session, allow yourself to have enough space in order to stay organized as well as make yourself comfortable. Create flash cards, which are proven to be the most effective type of studying, quiz yourself, as well as highlight information you have trouble processing. We know how our teachers always tell us to never throw away our old test, but we never understand why, and as a result we just throw it away. Well here is a reason why we shouldn’t throw them away: in order to ensure you know information, revising old quizzes and tests allow you to practice for exams and do questions that you were not able to answer on previous exams. To help make information clear in your head, we should try revising our answers with others. A great way of learning is by teaching! Maybe you are one of these people who aren’t able to study when they are by themselves, so we create study groups and sessions with others, as we are able to discuss questions to answers that we do not know they answer to. Also we should allow ourselves breaks and be able to rest our brains after all the information that we’ve obtained. Lastly, get prepared the day before the test. Allow our body and brain to rest by getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night as well as eat a breakfast full of nutrition to insure a great exam.  Good luck!

Karim Ghobrial