In the bright morning of September 11th, 2001, the United States of America underwent one of the most catastrophic and unprecedented terroristic attacks. The attacks traumatized the entire nation on a long-term scale. Islamophobia, for instance, started to manifest throughout the nation, as Anti-Islamic violence in America jumped after the attacks.

Since the 9/11 attacks, myriads of Americans started to express hatred towards the Muslim community and Islam in general.  This is due to the government’s proving the involvement of Islamic extremists in this appalling incident.  To be more specific, Al-Qaeda, a militant Islamic group, was believed to be responsible for the attacks, due to evidence gathered by the United States.  This, in fact, led to several societal changes concerning the picture of Islam in the United States. Besides, the U.S. government also played a major role in annihilating Islam by disclosing its distrust over its followers.

The sudden hatred towards Islam and Muslims was one major societal change after the 9/11 attacks. The involvement of Muslims in such horrendous attacks also obliged the U.S. government to similarly show distrust over the followers of the religion within the country.  This can be seen when the government became notably more aggressive in the use of informants and sting operations, sowing distrust in some parts of Muslim communities.  For instance, every Islamic group within the country was placed under stringent scrutiny.  Unfortunately, this impulsive demeanor further intensified the abhorrence towards Muslims within the nation. Such hatred was expressed in a frank, downright way. For instance, according to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), 28 hate crimes committed in 2000 were found to be anti-Islamic. In 2001, that number jumped to 481, and it remained above 100 in subsequent years.

By Ali Labana