The north london derby is one of the most well-known derbies in the world. Both teams, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, battle it out for a full 90 minutes and so do the fans. their hatred towards each other come  because ever since arsenal moved from Woolwich in south London to Highbury in north London, the tottenham fans felt like they have been invaded, and also ever since arsenal were in north london, they have been the superior team to Spurs so there is a lot of jealousy and tension. Today however, the gap of superiority has been extremely close since both teams are competing for the title and they currently have the same points and Spurs are still unbeaten whilst Arsenal have only lost one game. There is no question that the team who wins this game will have a great advantage since they will go top of the league because Man City dropped points this weekend. Spurs will undoubtedly try to blitz Arsenal and maintain high pressure throughout the 90 minutes like they successfully executed against Manchester city. Spurs have a major problem though as they lack in the goals department ever since Harry Kane got injure, their defence is also shaky because Alderweireld went off injured against Bayer Leverkusen. Arsenal are the definite favourites going into the game since they are in top form and their attack is working very well. I would like wenger to not change the formation that has been working wonders for him. Alexis should definitely be their striker since he provides much more than giroud and he was very shaky going back to the left side. Cazorla should definitely start next to Coquelin since he can easily shake off the Spurs pressure and he provides a lot of creativity. Will the North London derby live up to its expectations?

By Mohamed Orban