On Wednesday November 2nd, AIS’s Random Acts of Kindness club hosted its fourth annual Halloween Movie Night! The movie night overall was a great, fun and successful night, featuring a spooky haunted house, a Halloween-themed bake sale, and the movie Lights Out. While on the subject of the haunted house, it was a very well designed a successful one. It was truly scary and spooky, and was as if it were a real haunted house, and it had brought forth a lot of screams from everyone! Inside the haunted house were three rooms, where many “statues” (aka RAK members),  “psychopaths” (aka screaming RAK members) and random people touching you were in. Doors were banging loudly, hands were touching, people were screaming, things were being thrown on you, and it was a fun experience overall. After the haunted house, students were directed into the auditorium where the movie Lights Out was playing and the spooky mood maintained throughout the whole night. The Halloween-themed bake sale consisted of many delicious and yummy halloween-themed cupcakes, brownies, cookies, chips, candy, popcorn, and pizza. Better so, all proceeds that RAK made from the bake sale is going to be directed to charity, which makes the whole experience more worthwhile, once again demonstrating the kindness and the aim of Random Acts of Kindness. Overall, the movie night was very enjoyable, scary and I would definitely go again next year. If you didn’t go this year, don’t worry! There’s always next year, but here are some pictures taken during the haunted house to get you in the mood for RAK’s next Halloween movie night!

img_9225 img_9244 img_9230 img_9223 img_9222

By Farida Hamza