Reality – A Short Story by Mariam Omar

I’m stressed and I’ve been losing sleep, I’m sorry in advance if my mood is deep. But it’s happening again, I don’t know what to call them, they’re visions that come to me every night. I’ve been keeping myself up at night for as long as I can to avoid the visions. Nothing seems to be working, therapy, pills, nothing. The hallucinations started have been starting to come to me everyday for a year now. They’re violent actions that would never cross my mind and I never thought of them before. The weird thing is that they feel weird, like they’re actually happening. Every day I try to avoid them but they seem to get worse and unbearable by the day. Even my parents lost hope; they got too tired of me waking up screaming for help. I’ve been keeping this a secret from my best friend, who is a sister to me. I’m just too afraid that she’ll think I’m a freak that makes a big deal out of nothing.

“Hey you should go to bed now so you can get enough sleep,” my mom said as she passed by my room. Did you mean so I can get enough nightmares? But maybe my mom is right, maybe I should go to sleep. Every now and then, I just give in to sleep; after all I’m still a human being and there’s nothing I can do about these dreams, I’ll just have to let them happen anyways. I turn off my desk lamp and pile everything in a sloppy pile then bury myself under the cold sheets. It isn’t long enough until the visions take over my body.

The crunching of leaves keeps getting louder every second as I feel a breeze slap me in the face while I’m sprinting. I dodge low branches and jump over small bushes, since when was I this athletic? I hear panicked animals trying to save their lives as they hurry for shelter. “Please, please don’t do this,” I hear a scarred voice begging of their life. I take a look at my right hand and stare at the silver, cold knife that’s tucked under my fingertips. The person hides behind a tree thinking I can’t see them, so I just stop and slowly approach her

“I know everything about you,” I yelled. “Off course you know everything, you’re my best friend!” she yelled back. “You’re right, but I know things you never told me directly. There’s no need to bring them up right now because you and I know exactly what I’m talking about. This world needs fewer people like you; I’m just trying to help by eliminating people that do these kinds of things to hurt the world. I’m not the bad guy, you are.” I continued. “You do realize you can get in serious trouble for hacking me, right?” her voice sounds even more scarred than it already was. I don’t say anything back, by now I’m right beside her, but she can’t see me.

In one swift motion, I take the knife in my hand and stab her on the side.  She screams out in pain and collapses on her knees. Once she’s weak, it’s easier for me to control her without her fighting back. I stab her for the last time in the chest, hitting her right on her heart.  She throws herself onto the ground and I leave her to bleed out on the forest floor. I took my knife and carved two curved lines on both corners of her mouth to make it look like she’s smiling because she looked a bit sad. I drag the body across the forest to an ancient tree that I put all my bodies on.

I place her body next one of the bodies the circle around the tree. I gather up some leaves to cover the body to make it less obvious and exposed. I take a couple of steps behind to get a full view of the tree, “I can’t wait for someone to find these bodies, the media will blow up” I said out loud. I took a long walk back home and slowly opened the back door because it’s always unlocked. I tiptoe upstairs to my room and disappear under the covers. They’re not called ‘dreams’ or ‘visions’, they’re called reality.  


By: Mariam Omar