Spirit week is almost the best and greatest event of the year. The upcoming Spirit Week is next week, from November 6 to 10. The usual on Sunday is Pajama day, which is the best day of spirit week. Students come to school with their comfortable pajamas, with the ill need to get prepared early in the morning. On Sunday, in front of the auditorium, during lunch “Tape a Person to the Wall” activity will be held. During this activity you can tape someone or be taped! To volunteer you must sign up in front of Mr. Haddad’s room, volunteers are limited.

Monday is dress like a teacher day. This is one of the funniest days where students get to imitate their teachers. Some students would wear cravats, suites, and glasses to complete the look. On Monday, the “Pie in the Face” contest will also be held in front of the auditorium, which will be sponsored by the committee Aid Giza Zoo. It is a very exciting activity to get to throw pies in people’s faces. Tickets are 5 L.E. each and a raffle will be done to select 3 people who will be the chosen ones to throw the pies.

Tuesday is dress like a character day. On this day students get to dress as their favorite characters. Some students get dressed as their favorite movie characters and others as their favorite cartoon characters. A variety if students come dressed as different superheroes to portray a virility look. During character day, an eating contest will be held. The food presented in the eating contest will consist of eating Molto. This is the most adored activity of all because students would eat as much as they can all at once, but in a limited time. Whoever eats the most in the required time is the winner! To volunteer you must sign up in front of Mr. Haddad’s room, volunteers are limited.

Wednesday is the 60’s era day. This day of spirit week is partially confusing for some students because they mix it with the 90’s. The 60’s era day is a day in which students can arrive wearing half sleeved dresses, funky wide pants, sunglasses, etc. During this day, “Flip a Bottle Challenge” will be held during lunch, in front of the auditorium. The student council has noticed that students love flipping their bottles, but unfortunately teachers prohibited it due to its interruption of the learning environment. Hence, student council thought it would best to have it as an activity, but instead it would be allowed because it is during lunch and not near any of classes. That’s not it! We know that the trick is to have half the bottle full with water, so the challenge is to see if you are able to flip a bottle that is more/less than halfway full.

Thursday is Panther Pride day. It is the day where students come wearing white and blue. The theme white and blue promotes the school colors; you may call this propaganda.  Anyways, on Thursday the school will be hosting a match, which occurs annually. This match will commence during lunch. Will our school lose or win? Stay tuned.

This spirit week is special because it occurs during Movember. Yes, it’s called Movemeber, I didn’t misspell it. If you are unaware of what has been happening in school the past few days, then let me break it down to you. November is now called Movember because it is a combination of the words Mustache and November. During this month, we raise awareness of cancer.

In school, you will find boxes with a variety of teachers’ images. If you place money in any of the boxes, your money will be donated to a cancer hospital. You can buy a mustache instead, where your money will also be donated to a cancer hospital.  You may grow your beard all month then shave it off at the end of Movember. If you’re a girl, you may cut your hair in school. Your hair will be donated to 57357, a cancer hospital. Finally, participate in this spirit week and get dressed down! Join all of the activities occurring, all of them will take place in front of the auditorium. Come and join us and raise school spirit!

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By Rozaline Beshay