“Before the flood” is the recently released documentary, brought you by the Academy Award winner Leonardo Di Caprio and Academy Award winning director Fisher Stevens. This documentary focuses on climate change and how climate has impacted us,  and how it will impact us in the future. Leonardo Di Caprio has been highly involved with climate change for the past four years, and has recently been deemed a messenger of peace from Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. This documentary took Di Caprio and Stevens three years to create, and both have expressed the importance of this documentary and the message behind it quite clearly. This documentary is created in such a way that it is a wake up call to the world about the reality of climate change. If you’re looking to watch a cliché documentary, it’s quite the opposite. It does send the main message that Di Caprio wants to get through to people, which is that climate change is real, it is happening, and if it continues to happen, these are the negative effects that will occur because of it. This is a long list that is supported with strong evidence from different scientists throughout this documentary. The most impressive factor about this documentary is the different perspectives it uses to emphasize the dangers of climate change: there are the political factors, religious factors, economic factors, and social factors. This creates an overall strong background for climate change. In terms of cinematography the film is beautiful and allows us to see both the beauty and ugliness of the world, creating a really atmospheric effect for the viewer. The only negatives about this documentary is how it uses the idea of fear a bit too much throughout the whole film and at times it might get a bit dry and not as entertaining as it could be, but overall a pretty important documentary for anybody living on this planet because it still manages to be quite informative.

Final Review: 8/10    thumbs-up

By Youssef Ramadan